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ADV ERP, the perfect business management software to improve the decision making process of your company.

Applications package, suitable for small and medium companies. Developed with latest generation technologies. It is compatible with any operating system and with the SQL standard (92, 99, 2003, 2008).

Your most effective ERP

  • Effective management of the product, from the inherent need generated by the order to the customer, to the included sales forecast based on sales history.
  • Optimisation costs of supplies and efficient stock management, with the corresponding minimum, maximum, obsolete etc. controls. Best purchase price.
  • Complete control of inventory in different stores with support of hand-held terminals and barcode readers.
  • Automatic product capture with its consumable accessories and spare parts, and supplier price conditions.
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ERP para empresas
  • Effective planning of delivery routes and dates, assignments to customers.
  • Sales strategy based on the global and individualised supervision of the sales department, with its forecasts, budgets and variances.
  • Analysis of areas, products, customers and salesperson allowing one to discern trends adopt decisions which enables us to refocus our strategy in real time.
  • Perfect control of the financial status of our company.

ADV ERP functionalities for companies

  • Navigability from any file linked with customer-supplier-product, if the profile is thus defined. Menus specific per user, with access and cost restrictions
  • TRACEABILITY/WORKFLOW: The necessary information at the appropriate moment is available. manages the internal information. Its basic structure has been based on generating streamline and straightforward options for the user for the purposes of having complete information traceability.
  • Perfect price quote based on automatic conditions, specific allocations for customers and suppliers. Price history and future date of implementation of new tariffs. Specific customer treatment for invoicing.
Funcionalidades del ERP para empresas. Parte 1
Funcionalidades del ERP empresa Madrid. Parte 2

  • Dynamic reports in each section of the ERP. On the demonstrated basis it can be viewed using a simple mouse click and accessing the data source.
  • Select lists that the user is able to generate to his/her liking, with unlimited formats created with the advanced list editor and fully exportable to PDF, HTML, PNG.
  • Clear and streamline financial analysis of all information from a single screen.
  • Multi-company capacity in all areas of the ERP with various corporate reasons and share files and certain utilities common to all of them.


Beneficios ADV Alcala de Henáres ERP

The ADV ERP will improve decision making processes in your company: Both on a strategic level as well as a day to day level.

Beneficios ADV

Thanks to the ADP ERP the productivity of workers will significantly increase, providing the workers with the necessary tools to be able to clearly analyse their daily work.

Beneficios ERP para empresas

Minimising menus by grouping common functionalities.

Beneficios ERP PYMES

Modular and scalable parameterisation which allows to be the future solution for any SME and that will assist it in its process of continuous growth.

Beneficios ERP para PYMES

Uniform menus containing a common structure in each section: management, select lists or reports.

Beneficios ADV Alcala de Henáres

Minimum investment of time in commissioning and training users, reason why the ADAPTATION OF MY COMPANY IS IMMEDIATE.