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ADV Terminal

Solutions designed for streamline processing in our ERP of all areas of the production process which requires warehouse movements.

Indispensable for sectors where exhaustive control of batches, expirations and serial numbers is required. Validating units using bar codes and automating the information for the issuance of delivery dockets and internal management of the information. Perfect tools to manage your warehouse diligently.
Screen de ADV Terminal

Preparation of orders and transfers:

The terminal contains a screen capable of "taking" the products included in an order. When validating units, using a bar code, the information for the issuance of delivery dockets is automatically drawn up. It is interactive with the server, reason why the inventory is moved on the spot. Special preparation for BATCHES.

  • List of orders to be prepared (individual or global).
  • Ordering of lines as per physical location of the product.
  • Confirmation of the physical product, via bar code reading.
  • Automatic issuance of the delivery docket/transfer
  • Loading list form, associated to transportation agencies
  • Option of linking to various internal and external warehouses
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Inventory regularisation:

Application which imports the information of the theoretical inventory of ADV.net, physically compared to that existing in the warehouse, and to return this information to ADV.net enables adjusting the warehouse to the physical inventory automatically.

  • Importing of theoretical data from ADV.net
  • Physical testing with the barcode reader from the TERMINAL, with the existing units in the warehouse.
  • Comparison of physical locations.
  • Control of incidents.
  • Return of this information in ADV.net. adjusting the information automatically in ADV.net, with prior agreement of the user.
  • Valuation in € of warehouse distortions.

Control of entries:

The objective is to automatically generate product entries with serial number/batches using a terminal so that it does not have be performed manually from ADV.net.

  • Database in the terminal with the supplier and product files.
  • Diligence in the entering of the quantities of product linked to a receipt of merchandise.
  • Perfect synchronisation of the entries with the orders made to the supplier.
  • Customisation according to the needs and the activity sector:
  • FEED: EAN128, batches, due dates, number of pallet boxes ....
  • SAT: Serial number and product, bringing together the total itemised entries.
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