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The equipment file has a vast variety of data:

Model and product; Physical location with your contacts; Licenses and users, with their different versions, revisions and update dates; Status, warranty and type of contract; Documentation related to both purchase and sale, as well as the traceability generated by same.

Retains a historical record of everything which has occurred since the date of installation.

Describing the built-in spare parts, incidents generated and interventions undertaken. With the added value of being able to analyse the solutions applied to the machinery according to their individual typification or specific models, generated a better control from a technical quality of equipment to be maintained perspective.

In the same vein, it advises us of the quality of the technical service, whether it is person-to-person or as a whole: Response time, recidivism in the same type of repairs to the same equipment etc.

From among the above, and with the straightforward routine processes, we directly obtain the profitability of the analysed element, whether equipment or grouping.

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Administrative/SAT FOLLOW-UP


- When handling an incident, which advises as regards the type of agreed contract of the equipment or grouping: Warranty; Integral maintenance; Bonus hours (total and pending use).
- Clear vision of work pending by the technician and response times; notifications pending due to lack of spare parts; notifications blocked by "delinquent payments" of the customer etc...
- At the end of the intervention, specifying the part of the service provided to be invoiced, and even the excess of the bonus of agreed hours.


- Invoicing control of the type of agreed contract, updating the base file of equipment with the new due date.
- In addition to maintenance itself, we can additionally take out under contract: Extension of warranty, travel, accessories and a bonus of hours for machinery groupings.
- If the contract has PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, control of its undertaking. Enables to apply pending corrective to preventive measures, and/or to readjust the following preventive items.


If the equipment/machine has any type of counter, it controls fundamental issues:
- Automatic invoicing (with minimum invoicing, inherent to each equipment and period). Groupings of machines for TOTAL counters for the agreed periods. Different formulas (+ - x /) applicable between counters.
- Control of any type of consumable delivered to the equipment.
- Perfect control and allocation of PERIODIC STANDARDS.


New philosophy of reports from which, after making a selection, one can enter the source of the data and can work directly on same without leaving those reports. Defined on a wide database which enables to specify the parameters that the user defines: Deadlines, areas, technicians, models, segments etc. Broken down by detail or in summary.

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Pool Control: Individual and joint overview of the situation in the period of analysis of the installed units. Segregating as per model, machinery or product family Facilitating a clear framework of the situation of our pool according to the following parameters: Entire installed equipment, per active warranties, maintenance, with urgent contracts or other types, with bonuses, without active maintenance contracts, also deregistrations in the analysis period and a control of the total licenses with and without maintenance.

Beneficios SAT ADV

Time evolution report: Control of the number of incidents and interventions carried out, with their daily means and times used: reading response times, reaction, maximum response, relocations and others which enable to identify the justification of the total time. Percentage of incidents resolved on the first visit. Spare parts changed and with a detailed analysis of the repeated incidents.

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Consumables: Controls of consumption OVERAGES and DEFECTS depending on the quantities offered by counters per unit of consumables.

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Account evolution report: Complete report where one can discern the monthly evolution of the total counters of our active pool, with a direct link with previous years where one can discern the evolution of multitude of data such as income/average prices etc.

Beneficios ERP Servicio Asistencia Tecnica ADV

Profitability: Embodies all the parameters that impinge on INCOME - COSTS. PROFIT by EQUIPMENT.

Beneficios ERP Servicio Tecnico ADV

Select Listings: The user creates his/her own listings in the format he/she wishes with any existing data. Option to export to EXCEL, PDF and PNG.


The product is designed for an overall approach:

  • Upon the invoicing of machinery with a serial number which has the following automatic repercussion: Deregisters the machinery in the warehouse, the operation is entered into the accounting books, registers the sale in the VAT book, registers the machinery in the pool related to that customer, controls maintenance and copies, and controls portfolio maturities etc.
  • When requesting the customer a consumable or a technical solution, we are automatically notified of the risk, of the unpaid and due payments, the sales history and finally the customer's quality.
  • Upon invoicing a maintenance or spare part to a customer: In addition to the affiliation to the warehouse, accounting and VAT registration, it applies same to the machinery or equipment that the customer has by means of a relationship pre-established by the proper user.
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