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Appropriate control of supply of raw materials, with special emphasis on batches and expired batches, for the purpose of an urgent response to any incident in a product manufactured by us.

Logistic management which enables a comprehensive planning of the future needs of manufacturing and provisioning based on estimates made on the basis of minimum and maximum inventory, sales and consumption according to the time of year etc...


Ease of handling and control based on manual or automated manufacturing orders depending on orders.

Automatic linking with all areas of the company: CRM, invoicing, payment and collection management, Helpdesk for plant incidents...


100% traceability throughout the application via a solid Workflow.

Integration with all mobility solutions in Android terminals and barcode reading: Direct Sales, Pre-order, Order preparation, inputs and outputs of material control.


  • Database in the price tags of our finished products: raw materials, semi-finished products, finished sets etc. Perfect product quote
  • Process follow up: set of operations performed by operators and machinery to these components.
  • Perfect tracking and identification of the batches used in the components and the expiry notifications of same.
  • Absolute traceability from raw material used, supplier, finished product, delivered to the customer etc. A database is used which manages the list from the origin that is required at any given moment.
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Funcionalidades del ERP INDUSTRIA produccion

  • Open for compliance with ISO standards and possible automatic generation, through appropriate personalisation, of the documentation required for compliance.
  • Planning of the productive means available. Automatic or manual. Flexibility depending on the needs of certain customers.
  • Interactivity of the software with the production machinery.
  • Statistical batteries which identify deviations between planned and actual, both in times of machines and operators, as well as in their results: costs and benefits in absolute and percentage values.


Beneficios del ERP INDUSTRIA produccion 1

Real-time access to the status of our production chain and inventory situation.

Beneficios del ERP INDUSTRIA produccion 2

Dispatching information to the customer of the status of his/her order: planned, in production, finished, in transit etc..

Beneficios del ERP INDUSTRIA produccion Alcala de Henares 3

Ideal control of our production capacity and down times spent on changes, maintenance, incidents etc. Completely controlled and compatible: units, kilos, boxes, pallets, volumes etc.

Beneficios del ERP INDUSTRIA produccion ADV 4

As a consequence of the above: increased productivity of our machinery.

Beneficios del ERP produccion 5

Reduction of administrative tasks and errors in data entry, as being able to use the automatic information of machinery or deliverymen and that of the collectors.

Beneficios del ERP produccion 6

EAll in all: efficiency of my company.