Slider Helpdesk para empresas y PYMES ADV

ADV Helpdesk for companies

The perfect tool to improve the management of your customers' incidents.

Incident management software suitable for maintenance services, helps the user to solve problems in any sector.
Manages and solves the incidents of a service controlling at any given moment its traceability.


It generates a knowledge base which will enable the provision of support to customers in an efficient and productive manner:
- Access cases and discerns similar incidents of the customer itself or the remaining in an automatic manner, allowing to create a coherent and integral service experience, whilst reducing the learning costs of technical personnel.
- Measures service performance: use of a battery of standard reports and generate your own reports with the SQL tool integrated therein.

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Improve your resolution percentage in the first call and, in either event, reduce the management times of each case and the appropriate resolution period thereof.

ADV Helpdesk

- Assignment of cases, administration thereof.
- Status view of the entire support department: assign an incident and manage its traceability, with the control of the operators advising as regards availability, absence, holidays etc.
- Uses the communications and email for the purposes of implementing robust service processes throughout the entire organisation.

Helpdesk para empresas

- Attach documents and files directly.
- Version control thereof.
- Control of incidents and associations.
- Drag files and messages to the mail box.
- Workflow with processing and follow up of authorisations.

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- Screen which brings together all the aspects related to a customer's project (business negotiations, technical pre-sales, price listing and closing, start-up with the corresponding personnel assistance, replication for new offers).

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- Direct interconnection with the ERP customer data
- Customer contacts so as to channel solutions, as well as other necessary inherent customer data: IT platform and computers, etc...
- Customised desktop display for each user.
- Manageable access restrictions for individual users