Portada ERP Distribucion



Effective delivery management to customers of products with a very aggressive margin.

Based on large sales volumes for the bulk of the invoicing, and supplemented with a more specialised analysis and technically qualified for the other products.

Supply control with a special emphasis on imports and their flexibility of quotes by different suppliers and different currencies.

Perfect planning of product delivery dates and availabilities or its equivalences.

Automatic recalculation of terms and conditions with customers based on purchase prices and various parameters.

Effective organisation of periodic delivery routes, related to your collection management.

Synchronisation with franchisees.

Semiautomatic management of orders, delivery dockets, product costs and recommended retail price for franchisees based on their location. Sales statistics.


  • Inventory status, availability or expected delivery date of the supplier.
  • Control equivalences of the requested article, even if it were in stock in the warehouse.
  • Allocation of automatic pricing conditions, as well as flexibility control for this particular order.
  • Origin of the order: telephone, web, mail, fax, counter or sales agent. Reports of the business evolution for each received means.
  • Automatic control and management of returns, with their corresponding maximum deadlines, batches, serial numbers, RMA ...
  • Financial status (risk), customer ranking and sales.
Funcionalidades de Distribucion 1
Funcionalidades de Distribucion 2

  • RMA, customer reception: sending to the supplier and analysis of resolution deadlines.
  • Analysis of the requests for product prices not converted into ordered goods.
  • Innovations: follow up of products not available in the catalogue, for possible incorporation thereof.
  • Technical queries inherent to the product.
  • Multiple product locations in warehouse with picking control.
  • Complete transparency as regards delivery to customer, in terms of working with various social grounds, in the single issuance of a delivery docket and separate invoices.
  • Complete control of transportation and shipping agencies.
  • Supplier's original barcode or managed and printed, according to unit, bag or pallet by the company itself. Different formats of delivery to the customer.
  • Perfect and unique CRM type screen, from which the sales representative has all the detailed information.


Beneficios ERP Distribucion 1

From the quote screen, or specific CRM, we give the best possible price, in the shortest time possible, and if that were not enough the equivalent thereof.

Beneficios ERP Distribucion 2

Comprehensive customer information, current situation and historical record. Controlling your level of risk and your position in our sales ranking.

Beneficios Empresas de Distribucion 3

Affiliation of the salesperson with the ERP and with the current and future inventory of the products which are being bidded on at the time of sale. Being able to manage the orders directly from mobility.

Beneficios Alcala de henares Distribucion 4

Complete effectiveness of the warehouse operators which enable a shorter delivery deadline. Increased efficiency when working with mobile bar code reading terminals.

Beneficios ADV Distribucion 5

Complete reduction of administrative tasks: almost elimination thereof.

Beneficios ERP ADV 6

All in all: efficiency of my company.