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Management of the machinery pool and elements to which we provide technical service.

Management of the service capacity of our technical department. In both aspects we offer attitude and aptitude when addressing the resolution of incident notifications.

Administrative efficiency in the invoicing process and collections to our customers.

Optimisation of supplies, logistics and stock management, in the manner that its breakdown does not affect our ability to solve incidents in the customers' machinery.

Comprehensive range of reports and statistics

Generated on a daily basis, sales and profitability information is obtained as per customer, model, equipment etc ...


  • Database containing the entire machinery pool hired or capable of working with them.
  • Automatic generation of the information to said pool: upon the invoicing of machinery which has the following automatic repercussion: Deregisters the machinery in the warehouse, the operation is entered into the accounting books, registers the sale in the VAT book, registers the machinery in the pool related to that customer, controls maintenance and copies, and controls portfolio maturities.
  • When invoicing a consumable or delivering it free of charge to a customer: in addition to warehouse, accounting and VAT registration, it applies same to the customer's machinery through a model-consumable ratio, established by the user.
  • When requesting the customer a consumable or a technical solution, we are notified of the risk, of the unpaid and due payments, and of the sales history. All in all, the quality as regards the customer.
Funcionales del ERP para empresas copiadoras e impresoras
Funcionales del ERP COPIADORAS

  • Technicians control: Number of notifications made, times used, time of reading response etc.
  • Machinery control: Copies made, replaced parts, interrelated copies and spare parts. Times used. Ratio between technical hours and copies made.
  • Consumables: Controls of excesses and consumption defects depending on the number of copies per unit of consumable.
  • Pool Control: Shared an individualised overview, as regards the current situation of units per model; under warranty, for each type of maintenance, without contract; indexes of preventive and corrective visits and recidivism of notifications to the same machinery or by the same technician; correlations between the different types of notifications; Responsiveness within contracted (or considered optimal) times for each level and for each machinery model; specific control of those which do not meet the basic parameters of customer service. Sales statistics as per technical area.
  • Profitability = Income - Cost-Benefit Profit per print


Beneficios del ERP COPIADORAS 1

Real-time access to critical information on the status of our machinery pool

Beneficios del ERP COPIADORAS 2

Customer information, machinery thereof, available inventory (consumables, spare parts etc.), agreed response time with a single mouse click.

Beneficios del ERP IMPRESORAS 1

Ideal control of our technical department prior to any reaction in an intervention requested by the customer.

Beneficios del ERP IMPRESORAS 2

Increased productivity of our technical department.


Reduction of administrative tasks and errors in data entry.


All in all: efficiency of my company.