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ADV CONTA. Accounting management

The integrated accounting in is a repository of information generated by the daily activity of the company: sales, purchases or expenditure management, management of collections to customers and payments to suppliers.

Endowed with an extreme simplicity where the movements of same can be generated by mere administrative clerks.


  • Multi-accounting and multi-company
  • General accounting plan or own accounting plan, with combined view and aid based on the official definition.
  • Great facility and speed in accounting ENTRIES MANAGEMENT.
  • Predefined, editable and manageable entries with a simple mouse click.
  • Indexed search of the account for any data. Edition and refreshment, both in entering, daily, extract etc.
  • Similarly in customised formats: each user can be "managed according to his/her needs".
  • Refreshment of any report, as per format request change, with a simple click.
  • Perfect control of the opening, regularisation and closing of entries (journals, official balances, extracts of several mixed years etc ...).
  • Reports for filling of tax returns
Funcionalidades de ADV Conta 1
Funcionalidad del programa de contabilidad ADV 2


  • Automatic bank reconciliation (Manual or automatic)
  • Depreciations. Property, plant and equipment management
  • Departmental Analysis
  • Analysis centres