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Sheet handling process to the finished box:

Logistics and warehouse, together with production follow-up (processes, machinery and planning), as well as Sales and Budget Management. Corrugation optimisation, together with the logistics of the coils and cables warehouses.

Our corrugated cardboard production solution, with a broad existing core and applying the specific and personnel adjustments.

Enables the implementation in your company of an Integral Management System, providing you with the perfect tool for an optimum daily planning of your production means (operators and machinery), integrated with the ideal supply management, including the control of external handlers. We provide solutions to the information needs for the management of all departments, including sales, logistics and financial, shortening the implementation periods and minimising the costs of such a solution.

WEB technology which enables us to disseminate our software with mobile elements, radio frequency for communication with automatons in production. XML for data exchange with your customers and suppliers.

We include the technical support in the installation, user training in situ and the implementation of all the elements as well as the corresponding warranty and supplementary services.

Portada ERP Carton de ADV


  • Management of all master or technical data sheets of the products to be manufactured.
  • Optimisation of corrugators, up to three cutters and other converting processes, with total planning.
  • Effective quote based on models, measures, quality and channel, processes or set of operations which is subjected to the product, palletizing and transport. Specific price tables based on volumes of quantities and fixed costs for machinery start ups.
  • Control of the developments of all the additional components to that of the principal, or of the unhandled complements.
  • Follow-up of external, partial or total works.
  • Optimisation of routes and delivery plans of the finished product.
Objetivos del ERP Carton


  • General data: It is linked to a customer, interior measurements, model, quality and channel, sheet (real with number of parts), cleaved. It can be operated with standard boxes and for the general public.
  • Enables processing the basic data in a generic manner (model, quality, manufacturing route, ...), requesting us the measurements L x A x H, for such order, valuing the box or iron on the spot
  • Manufacturing data: With the processes (set of operations) that is applied to the box.
  • Auxiliary: Tracking of rollers and dies, number of colours used and number of swipes.
Funcionalidades del ERP Carton. Primera Parte
Funcionalidades del ERP Carton. Segunda Parte

  • Commercial data and other necessary information, such as delivery, registration of modifications, etc.
  • Seguimiento de los costes de troqueles y clichés, y sus aplicaciones al producto final.
  • Planificación de los medios productivos disponibles. Automática o manual. Flexibilidad en función de las necesidades de determinados clientes.
  • Monitoring the costs of dies and cliches, and their applications to the final product.
  • Interactivity of the software with the production machines.
  • Statistical batteries that allow to identify deviations, both in machine and operator.


Beneficios del ERP CARTON de ADV 1

Real-time access to the plate state in the production chain.

Beneficios del ERP para empresas de CARTON de ADV 2

Dispatching information to the customer of the situation of your order.

Beneficios del ERP para empresas de CARTON ondulado de ADV 3

Ideal control of our production capacity and the downtimes invested in changes, maintenance, incidents.

Beneficios del ERP CARTON de ADV 4

Consequence of the above: an increase of productivity of our machines.

Beneficios del ERP CARTON de ADV en alcala de henares 5

Reduction of administrative tasks and errors in data entry, being able to use automatic machine or commercial information.

Beneficios del ERP CARTON de ADV en alcala de henares 6

All in all: efficiency of my company.