Auto Venta Soluciones Informaticas ADV


Direct Sales application developed in ANDROID so that your salesperson/distributors have a comprehensive tool with which to streamline sales for your company.

Ideal solution for food and distribution companies.


  • Work schedule: Organisation and planning of routes or visits.
  • Customer delivery docket management both the database as well as new dockets drawn up at the distributor's visit.
  • Issuance of delivery notes upon delivery.
  • Management of product returns in poor condition which will directly disappear from our saleable product.
  • Product change/replacement management of products already delivered by others.
  • Control of individual warehouses per each self-sales delivery vehicle.
  • Comprehensive total traceability of the batches which each self-sale distribution vehicle carries.
Utilidades del ADV Auto-Venta 1

Utilidades del ADV Auto-Venta 2
  • Automatic linkage with the tariffs of specific prices of each customer.
  • Option of managing all batches and expired batches using the barcode readers.
  • Printing of the daily work summary, with a breakdown of the monetary amount that each deliveryman has to deliver, the number of deliveries made, the balance of the remaining inventory in the self-sales vehicle and the balance of the deliveries made to those customers who do not use the payment in cash method.
  • Automatic linking with the ERP of the delivery dockets delivered to customers who have no payment in cash method, and can be managed on their corresponding day of settlement in a semi-automatic manner.


Beneficios del ADV Auto-Venta 1

User friendly: A design which will facilitate learning and daily use for workers.

Beneficios del ADV Auto-Venta 2

Reduction of costs and times in the entire sale processes when conveying the information immediately.

Beneficios del ADV Auto-Venta 3

Increased customer satisfaction by being able to supply products which have not been requested.

Beneficios del la app 4

Option of managing all batches and expired batches using the barcode readers upon the very moment of delivery

Beneficios de la app Auto-Venta 5

Direct sale between the deliveryman-customer which will enable orders to be made more quickly by eliminating intermediaries.

Beneficios de Auto-Venta en Alcala de henares 6

Absolute control of the monetary and material balances of each deliveryman.