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ADV Customer Area

The Customer Area is an integrated module within the corporate web of the distributor specially suitable to offer the customer greater attention, facilitating the customer-company communication with a permanent affiliation. It reduces waiting times for the customer, endowing a greater complicity with the company.

It is an area in which the customer can access his/her profile through his/her credentials provided by the distributor in which he/she can view the machinery pool, enter incidents and to know in real time the status of same, enter readings which will be reported directly to the ERP, create orders and to be familiar with the traceability thereof, consult and download invoices and verify the last products that have been delivered.

In the Customer Area installation the company has defined a super-administrator user, who controls everything therein.

This user can, among other operations, create or import user administrators (customers), manage the visible machines of each user, configure advertising and user permissions as well as import the images of products created in the ERP.

Each user created/imported to the Customer Area will have access to their machinery pool.

Incidents can be managed directly with the technical service department. This entails a reduction in customer waiting times and a reduction in customer service costs for the company.

Pantalla del Area Cliente de ADV

Direct link from your web page to the Web Customers Area, with the following utilities:

  • Collection of customer orders and automatically transferred to the ERP.
  • Option of viewing order status: historical, issued and pending.
  • Viewing of products with their specific images and references.
  • Option of attaching product datasheets.
  • Specific prices of products related to individualised tariffs per customer.
  • Entering of incidents and readings.
  • Downloading invoices in PDF, viewing discounts, due dates etc.
  • Filters as per dates.
  • User and administrator management of our final customer, all associated to a historical record of their connections.
  • Individualised advertising management per customer
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